Streamable Finance Liquidity Program

Invitation Only - DeFi - High Risk / High Reward Investment

This is a limited promo product capped to 1m$ (or equivalent) total cumulative investment.

CurrenciesRedemptionYield Payment

180 days minimum (auto renews)

Real-Time, by the second, in $STREAM tokens

Product Info

Expected annual income of the product (APY)







Yield payment

In streaming, by the second

Product type

Fixed Term Loan

Can be redeemed

At maturity only

Investment type

Time Deposit

Min Invested Amount

100,000.00 USD/GBP/EUR

Asset Manager

Ephelia Capital Sagl

Digital Currency Provider

Ephelia Corporate (ITA) Srl

Income description

The funds raised from this product will be invested in DeFi platforms choosed by Ephelia Capital Asset Management. The investment strategy takes into account comprehensive factors in DeFi platforms including the risks, benefits, convenience and security.

Product Description

The strategy invest in the liquidity program of Streamable Finance. Streamable Finance is at the forefront of decentralised finance (DeFi), redefining traditional financial systems.

By participating as a liquidity provider in Streamable Fianance pools, the strategy has the potential to earn up to a 40% yield per year in $STREAM tokens, the native token of the Streamable Finance project. The liquidity contribution is vital in optimising ecosystem efficiency and fostering growth.

While Streamable Finance employs state-of-the-art security measures, it's essential to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with new technologies.

Furthermore, it's important to note that the value of $STREAM tokens can fluctuate and be volatile. Streamable Finance represents cutting-edge technology, subject to market uncertainties and potential technological challenges. Embrace the risks with caution, recognizing that the value of $STREAM tokens can be dynamic.

Risk statement

  1. Investing in early innovative smart contracts in the DeFi field, there may be technical risks that may lead to asset loss.

  2. Changes in reward distribution rules may lead to a decline in returns.

  3. STREAM tokens price can fluctuate and be volatile, the final return of the investment in fiat currency term may differ from the nominal investment yield.

  4. The investment may be subject to "Impermanent Loss", a phenomenon where the value of assets held in a liquidity pool may vary compared to holding them individually.

  5. The strategy may convert the principal invested in other currencies with inherent FX risks.

Rules Description

Calculation on investment income

Income calculation formula:

Streamable Invest calculates the income based on the value of capital the investor holds, the actual number of days that the capital has been placed into the investment and the actual rate of the annualization return.


Suppose that the user invests 100,000 USD.

The validity period of the product is 180 days, the expected rate of annualised return is 40% in $STREAM tokens (with an initial token price of 0.05$). No adjustment was made on the rate of the expected annualised return during the validity period of the product, and by the maturity date, the actual rate of income has reached the expected rate of income. The investment income paid to the user during the duration of the investment will be:

investment income = 100,000 * 40% x 180(days) / 365(days) / 0.05($) = 394,520.55 $STREAM tokens.

The income will be paid in streaming during the duration of the investment by the second.

In the example above, the 394,520.55 $STREAMS expected income in tokens will be paid at the rate of:

394,520.55 $STREAM / (180 * 24 * 60 * 60) = 0.02536 $STREAM/sec

The flow is changed daily using the $STREAM TWAP-24 price. So that, if the TWAP-24 price of the $STREAM token is below 0.05$ the number of token streamed per second will increase, while the opposite will occur if the the TWAP-24 price of the token will be above 0.05$.

Locked product

redemption and income payment

The user’s investment capital is transferred into the user’s balance (“My Balances”) in Streamable Invest within 1 business day after the maturity date of the product.

The income is paid by the second during the duration of the product and is accessible anytime to the user in the Streamable Invest “My Balances” section.

Rules and regulations for redemption

For users who intend to redeem locked investment products with fixed maturity dates in advance, redemption before the fixed maturity date may not be possible or may result in losses. To redeem a locked product in advance please contact us to discuss your case.

Immediate liquidation of the investment

Streamable Invest can interrupt the payment of the income stream at any time without notice in case of any force-majeure event.

In this case, Streamable Invest will do everything possible to secure the invested funds and return them to users invested as soon as possible.

Investment top-up and withdraw

If you are investing in a Locked product, you can not withdraw the invested amount until the product expires. You can open as many new investment positions in a locked product as you wish. Each product will then have a different maturity date. The minimum top-up amount for this product is 10,000.00 USD/EUR/GBP. You can top up or withdraw less than the minimum amount by paying a 100 USDT fee. The fee will be deducted from the top-up amount.

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