USDC 90 days LOCKED (yield in esUSDC)

Currency RedemptionYield Payment

At maturity only

In Real-Time, by the second

Product Info

Expected annual income of the product (APY)

Yield payment

In streaming, by the second

Product type

Fixed Term Loan

Can be redeemed

At maturity only

Investment type

Time Deposit

Minimum Amount

10,000.00 USDC

Asset Manager

Ephelia Capital Sagl

Digital Currency Provider

Ephelia Corporate (ITA) Srl

Income description

The funds raised from this product will be invested in CeFi and DeFi platforms by Ephelia Capital Asset Management. The investment strategy takes into account comprehensive factors in CeFi and DeFi platforms including the risks, benefits, convenience and security.

Yields from the DeFi products will be converted to USDC by Ephelia Capital Assets Management as real yields of this product and distributed to users holding the product, net of related expenses.

Payment of the Investment Income

The investment income will be paid in esUSD.

You have the option to convert your esUSD at any time, with no cost with USDC.

For example, if you have invested in USDT, your income will be delivered in esUSD – a stremable currency. You can easily swap esUSD to USDC at any time without incurring any charges.

Risk statement

  1. Investing in early innovative smart contracts in the DeFi field, there may be technical risks that may lead to asset loss.

  1. Changes in reward distribution rules may lead to a decline in returns.

  1. If USDC loses its peg with the U.S. dollar, revenues from the strategy may not cover the loss in US dollars of the invested amount.

Rules Description

Calculation on investment income

Income calculation formula:

Streamable Invest calculates the income based on the value of capital the investor holds, the actual number of days that the capital has been placed into the investment and the actual rate of the annualization return.


Suppose that the user invests 100 USDC. The validity period of the product is 30 days, the expected rate of annualised return is 5%, no adjustment was made on the rate of the expected annualised return during the validity period of the product, and by the maturity date, the actual rate of income has reached the expected rate of income. The investment income paid to the user during the duration of the investment will be:

investment income = 100 * 5% x 30 / 365 = 0.41 USDC

The income will be paid in streaming during the duration of the investment by the second.

In the example above, the 0.41 expected USDC income will be paid at the rate of:

0.41 USDC / (30 * 24 * 60 * 60) = 0.00000016 USDC/sec

Locked product

redemption and income payment

The user’s investment capital is transferred into the user’s balance (“My Balances”) in Streamable Invest within 1 business day after the maturity date of the product.

The income is paid by the second during the duration of the product and is accessible anytime to the user in the Streamable Invest “My Balances” section.

Rules and regulations for redemption

For users who intend to redeem locked investment products with fixed maturity dates in advance, redemption before the fixed maturity date may not be possible or may result in losses. To redeem a locked product in advance please contact us to discuss your case.

Immediate liquidation of the investment

Streamable Invest can interrupt the payment of the income stream at any time without notice in case of any force-majeure event.

In this case, Streamable Invest will do everything possible to secure the invested funds and return them to users invested as soon as possible.

Investment top-up and withdraw

If you are investing in a Locked product, you can not withdraw the invested amount until the product expires. You can open as many new investment positions in a locked product as you wish. Each product will then have a different maturity date.

The minimum top-up amount for this product is 10,000.00 USDC. You can top up or withdraw less than the minimum amount by paying a 50 USDC fee. The fee will be deducted from the top-up amount.

Yield Payment Options and Boosts

Boosted yield

If a user holds a U.S. dollar value amount of $STREAM tokens that is equal or greater than 10% of total invested assets in Streamable Invest, his/her yield is boosted.

Example: user invests 1000 USD in three different strategies each, totalling 3000 USD invested. If user holds at least 300 USD worth of $STREAM tokens in their balance, his/her investment receives a boosted APY yield.

Streamable Invest adjusts the payment flow using the average value of the user's assets daily.

Yield paid in $STREAM

Users can decide to be paid in $STREAM to receive an additional boost on their received yield, even if their yield it is already boosted by the holding of $STREAM token.

Streamable Invest adjusts the payment flow using the average value of the user's assets daily.

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