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Real-time cashflow: Mission & Vision

We envision a financial world that operates in real-time, not on static ledgers. Our mission is to build a modern, secure and integrated real-time payment infrastructure and enable on-demand value streams.
To achieve this, we are transforming how money is:
  • ​moved, spent and invested.​
  • perceived and understood.
  • stored and represented.
We believe that we can empower people and businesses globally to:
  • Govern their money - access their funds anytime and anywhere.
  • Plan spending and automate decisions - use powerful, easy-to-use visual tools.
  • Achieve better financial results - optimise and understansd their spending
  • Create opportunities - leverage a modern payment infrastructure that matches their payment needs with real-time finance payment primitives and products.
This can be achieved via streamable payment infrastructure.
Money flows from sender to receiver in real time