Provide/Remove Liquidity to/from a Pool

In order to provide liquidity to a pool, click on the pool of interest and the desired liquidity amounts. Click on “Add liquidity” to complete the operation.

If the transaction is successful, you will receive a representative “LP” token amount. This amount is proportional to your stake in the pool.

You can redeem your liquidity at any time by clicking “Remove liquidity” button.

This operation will “swap” your LP token with the current liquidity within the pool and you will be able to withdraw tokens and coins deposited initially.

Note: token liquidity received is not necessarily the same as the one provided, due to the changes of token prices and their availability within the pool. Please familiarise yourself with the concept of “Impermanent Loss” or consult with your financial advisor.

You can decide to collect your liquidity in any or all the currencies of the pool.

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