Before investing, you need funds in the platform. If you don't know how to deposit funds, click here Deposit

You can withdraw from your investment anytime in case of Flex product, but you can't withdraw from a locked product until maturity. Do not lock funds you may require in the near future.

After having selected an opportunity, click β€œInvest” to invest.

Select the source of funds from your available balances.

You may have to swap your assets before investing. Example: if you have deposited USD, but you want to invest in a USDT product, you need to swap USD to USDT first.

To deposit funds, click β€œDeposit” from the main dashboard or the β€œMy balances” tab.

Once you have selected a valid source of funds, enter the amount you wish to deposit.

The system will show the details of the investment (amount to invest and paid yield).

If you are happy with the amounts, accept the terms and click β€œReview order”.

The system will show a summary of the investment.

If you are happy with the details, click β€œInvest Now” to proceed.

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