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Why KYC?

Stremable Finance is offered by Elviria.
Elviria is a registered trademark of Elviria SIM UK Ltd.
Elviria is a brand operated by Quid Ecosystem Group Ltd and its subsidiaries for payment services and Ephelia Capital Sagl for Asset Management services.
Quid UK Global is a registered EMD Agent by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with reference number 903002. Quid CH is an authorised money service business authorised and regulated by the The Financial Services Standards Association Organization (SRO). Quid NZ Ltd is a Financial Service Provider registered with the Financial Service Provider Register (FSP) with reference number FSP732651. Quid US LLC is FINCEN/MSB registered business and licensed through a local bank.
Ephelia Corporate (ITA) Srl is authorised by the OAM in Italy to provide Crypto and Token services PSV97
Ephelia Capital Sagl is Portfolio Manager authorised by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA
For this reason our clients need to complete the KYC and the profile risk.