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Real-Time Cashflow: Streamable Finance Mission & Vision

Streamable Invest is a product from Streamable Finance.
Streamable Invest is very important for us to demonstrate the utility of the streams of money.
It is our first product where we have merged our fintech infrastructure and our blockchain money streaming protocol.

Why we are doing this?

Streamable Finance envisions a financial world that operates in real-time, not on static ledgers. Our mission is to build a modern, secure, integrated real-time payment infrastructure and enable on-demand value streams.
To achieve this, we are transforming how money is:
  • moved, spent and invested.
  • perceived and understood.
  • stored and represented.
We believe that we can empower people and businesses globally to:
  • Govern their money - access their funds anytime and anywhere.
  • Plan spending and automate decisions - use powerful, easy-to-use visual tools.
  • Achieve better financial results - optimise and understand their spending
  • Create opportunities - leverage a modern payment infrastructure that matches their payment needs with real-time finance payment primitives and products.
This can be achieved via streamable payment infrastructure.
Money flows from sender to receiver in real time