🪙$STREAM Utility Token

Value Proposition

$STREAM is the native token of the protocol.

It is a utility token, used in any product of the Streamable Finance ecosystem.

$STREAM holders receives discounts and benefits for holding the tokens.

Token Holders have different benefits depending on the product they use. For example, they can boost their yield if they hold tokens in Streamable Invest, or they can get discounts for ramping in or ramping out fiat from the es-Currencies platform.


$STREAM stakers share collected platform fees (swap and unstaking penalty fees).

$STREAM holders get fee discounts in products utilising Streamable Finance streaming protocol (boosted yield in Streamable Invest, reduced swapping and minting fees).

$STREAM is paid as a cashback token for purchases or transactions, allowing users to buy products and services at discounted rates within the streaming economy.

Token Supply and Emission

The $STREAM token supply is one billion (1,000,000,000) tokens to be issued over five years.

Token Distribution

  • 8.75%: Liquidity provider rewards. Continuously minted over five years with a progressively decreasing rate (Liquidity pools, Stream Liquidity, Native es-Currencies LP rewards)

  • 9.7%: team/development fund

  • 15%: community incentives

  • 10%: partnership incentives: airdrops, partnerships, grants

  • 5%: development

  • 5%: marketing

  • 0.3%: bootstrap pool

  • 1%: seed round

  • 15%: private sale

  • 5%: Treasury

  • 25.25%: Other networks - to be allocated

Lp Rewards distribution

  • STREAM pools 4.75%

  • Native es-Currencies LP 1.5%

  • Other pools 2.5%

Rewards for es-Currencies pools are distributed based on the overall TVL of the es-Currencies pools, therefore the APYs of these pools are identical.

The liquidity provider rewards will be as follows:

  • 40% of STREAM supply as rewards within year one

  • 15% of STREAM supply as rewards in year two

  • 10% of STREAM supply as rewards in year three

  • Remaining rewards: Each month: 2% of the remaining supply

Initial Pools

The DEX has been deployed in BSC with these initial pools:

BSC Allocation

We will be distributing 25% of the Liquidity Provider Rewards on BSC.

The remaining 75% will be distributed in other networks.

The initial total supply on BSC is 747.5M tokens (LP, Team, Community Incentives, Partnership tokens, Development, Marketing/BD, Private Sale, Bootstrap Pool).

Remaining Token

The remaining token to be allocated in other networks are 252.5M STREAM tokens.

Bridging on other networks

When the system will be deployed on other networks, the STREAM token will be bridgeable.

Token allocation and vesting

Current BSC supply can be seen here:


Current vesting can be seen here:     


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