๐Ÿ“ŠAddressable Market

On-demand pay is a massively untapped industry with over 1 Trillion U.S. Dollars in an addressable market size and an exponentially rising demand (EY, 2020). The market potential is even more significant when considering broader streamable payment applications outside direct debit replacements, wage streaming and saving optimisations. Streamable payments have the potential to revolutionise any lending, pay-per-use, billing, ownership, leasing and investment use cases as well.

Currently (2023 Q3), no market player is offering the infrastructure due to the various technical, regulatory and infrastructural prerequisites required to offer such services. As a part of a regulated Fintech group (Ephelia Group) in Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom, we lay the required Web2 and Web3 foundation and shape streamable finances into a reality of todayโ€™s world.

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