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Streamable Finance offers a suite of financial products to its users. At the core of each of these, Streamable Finance protocol leverages streamable payments for enhanced user experience and efficiency. Key products available currently are:
Stream management dashboard

Streamamble Payments

Users can wrap existing blockchain assets and stream them or stream native streamable assets, like the es-Currency assets. Wrapped assets are denominated as str- assets.
Example: wrapped USDT becomes strUSDT that can be continuously streamed. At any moment, wrapped strUSDT can be unwrapped and retrieved 1-1 as the original asset.

Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

Our DEX offers a range of features from liquidity mining pools to instant swaps between wrapped and unwrapped assets of any kind (e.g. DAI swaps to strETH and vice versa). Streamable currencies can also be utilised within the DEX.

Streamable Account

Users are able to open an account supporting their fiat currencies. These can then be converted into electronically-streamable currencies (es-Currencies) and used for streaming.
Example: EUR is transformed into esEUR, which can be continuously streamed. At any moment esEUR can be transformed back and retrieved 1-1 as the original currency.
Note: client collateral is always held in a segregated account. Therefore unwrapped currency redemptions are always honoured and reserves are 100% covered.

Streamable Invest

Streamable Account holders can access Streamable Invest in order to receive yield continuously. Assets can be both invested and earned every second, allowing users to utilise their earnings immediately.