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What is a “streamable” payment?

Streamed payments occur continuously just like the stream of water out of a tap. Once the stream parameters are set and the stream is started, money (or tokenised assets) flow at a programmed rate until the stream is closed. No funds are locked in order to stream them, therefore allowing Streamable Finance Protocol users to spend, receive, invest or divert their incoming streams in real time.
Funds are instantly settled and usable by the receiver

🛠 This allows for:

  • instant salary and income spending availability;
  • reduced overspending on subscriptions - more pay-per-use;
  • greatly reduced working capital requirements for companies and supply chains;
  • reduced need for (pay-day) loans;
  • greater financial planning and clarity;
  • more accurate means of exchange for leasing and renting;
  • clear creditworthiness of individuals and companies based on their net streams;
  • more convenience through automated investing, saving and spending.
Greater financial planning and clarity
Both digital assets and fiat currencies can be wrapped and streamed via Streamable Finance Protocol.